// About //

// My name is Michael Javier and I am a nineteen year old entrepreneur and artist // In 2013 I started my first successful business, HaveAir Customs, while I was in eighth grade // Like many other teenagers my age, I loved basketball and sneakers, the two often went hand in hand // One day I wanted to order custom shoes to wear during the upcoming school basketball season, but Nike ID was too expensive and would have taken too long // Eventually I decided to try my hand painting my own sneakers // After a couple of failed attempts and a lot of research, I got the hang of it //

// Over the years the business grew and everyone started calling me “HaveAir” // It became more of an artist name and personal brand than a stand alone business // Michael Javier and HaveAir were one and the same // Thanks to social media, online forums (that are now extinct), sneaker trade shows, and a multitude of loyal customers and supporters, my work started to blow up pretty quickly // This meant I had to learn a lot about business and hone my craft really quickly while still dealing with the numerous limits that my age placed on me and keeping a healthy school and work balance //

// During my senior year of high school I started to slowly take less orders and raise my price // I did not think I would be able to continue to customize sneakers in college which lead me to shut down HaveAir and start a new business called Impulse Streetwear // My first attempt at launching Impulse failed for a number of reasons, but I regrouped and relaunched it // I relaunched Impulse Streetwear over the Summer of 2017 right before I started college // This time it was actually doing pretty well, gaining traction, and making sales // Unfortunately I had to take a step away from it at the end of the year to focus on school // From May 2018 until August 2018 I spent almost every day working on and then launching my newest venture, The Curator Blog, an online resource and platform for small and upcoming streetwear brands //

// Currently it is 4:20 AM on September 26, 2018, and this is my first time updating my bio in years // This is where it gets very transparent and informal // Starting HaveAir Customs at the age I did was a blessing and a curse // It allowed me to open many doors, accomplish many things, and learn plenty of lessons that people my age rarely had the chance to learn // It was a long term investment in my career and intelligence that has and will continue to pay off in almost everything I do // Sadly it also gifted me with a tendency to over work myself which eventually caused problems // The past one and a half to two years have been challenging to say the least, but I’ve finished regrouping and am now making a significant amount of forward progress with my ventures // For the remainder of 2018 I will be quietly working on and arranging a number of different deals and moves for HaveAir, Impulse Streetwear, and The Curator Blog // In early 2019 I will be relaunching HaveAir and Impulse // Both will be starting small again with limited numbers, but I would rather start small than not at all // Make sure to follow my Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with my work // This page will be updated when appropriate //

// Thank you for five years of love // hate // support // and motivation //